About Us

Shoppnn is a cloud based shopping platform provider with both free and paid plans. It enables anyone to open an online shopping store within moments. We are a registered business with GST and all government compliances.

Our Mission

To enable sellers to open best cloud based online shopping/e-comm platform instantly, so that they can focus on their business and grow exponentially without any hiccups.

Our Plan

To facilitate sellers with best tools and services available so that they can prosper in all the departments. To release new services and constantly upgrade existing services.

Our Vision

To integrate all the spheres of a shopping platform and emerge as the best e-commerce shopping solution provided in the entire industry with top-notch services and happily satisfied clients.


Best shopping platform services is what we excel at and provide relentlessly to all our clients. Our free and paid plans consists of services which are being improved continuously and consistently.

Full Package

Our free and paid plans are a full package in themselves, providing you with necessary tools to run your online shopping business.

Product SKUs

Product management includes categorization and differentiation so that you can scale your business as you grow.

Continuous Improvement

Shoppn platform is being updated with new features and services to serve you a delightful experience.

Support System

Our plans include support system to provide support and facilitation as may be needed.

High Availability

Our cloud servers are up and running 24x7 enabling you run our business globally.

Shoppnn Themes

We are working to release regular Shoppn themes so that you can can choose and update the look and feel of the platform as you like it.

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You can choose the best plans for your need. However if you are unsure you can always start with the free plan. You can upgrade to any plan whenever you need.

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Our Skills

We ensure delivery of best in class cloud based e-commerce shopping platform which enables sellers to outgrow their business manifold ways. Present below are the comparison of ease of use and user fondliness with other similar providers.

Shoppnn 100%
Shopify 90%
Prestashop 75%
Squarespace 55%


Choose Plans below or Get Started for Free with 50 SKUs and 20 monthly orders.

₹999 / month

  1. Unlimited SKUs/Products
  2. 100 Monthly orders
  3. Shoppnn Domain
  4. Link own Domain
  5. Tech support
  6. Store handling support
  7. Themes
top sale

₹5200 / month

  1. Unlimited SKUs/Products
  2. 1000 Monthly orders
  3. Shoppnn Domain or
  4. Link own Domain
  5. Tech support tickets
  6. Store handling support
  7. Themes

₹21999 / month

  1. Unlimited SKUs/Products
  2. Unlimited orders
  3. Shoppnn Domain or
  4. Link own Domain
  5. Tickets+Call Support
  6. Store handling support
  7. Themes

Our Clients


Ajay Kumar

Ceo & Founder

We have been using Shoppnn platform for a long time and it has made our life easier. Our clients are also much more happier in using this simple platform to get work done.

Sara Wilsson


I have used many shopping websites in my past but was unable to settle down untill I used Shoppnn platform, which has changed the course of my life.

Jena Karlis

Store Owner

We have seen an awesome sales boost after adopting Shoppnn platform and would always recommend it above others.

Matt Brandon


Gone are the days when we used to install commerce websites on our premises or on our hosting servers. Shoppnn platform has made us independent in this cloud era.

John Larson


My business was going down which is when Shoppnn helped me gain an upward trajectory in business. Since then, I am on a constant growth path with Shoppnn. Thanks :)

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We have provision of customized solution for enterprises, over and above the plans. Please contact, if interested.

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